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More Beastly Tales!
The Beast And I     - Harvey Dsouza

Neil and I have partners in this wildlife field for quite some time. When you live with the beast you get to be a bit like the beast himself. And I am hard pressed to think of someone more meaner. We were being hounded by this young un who used to go around bragging to everyone that he was a great snake catcher. Few people doubted him ,but he still felt the need to prove this little talent. The beast and I (Snakeman)

Found him at my doorstep one day with a python in a sack. He wanted me to click a picture of him with the python. I had refused earlier , this time I took him in exasperation to Neil’s house which was just down the road.

“He wants a picture of himself with the python.” I said, sighing.

“Okay, let’s do it,” said the Animal.

We got into snakeman’s car. Shoved him along with a girl whom he had brought to impress in the backseat and drove.

“Where are you going,” I asked.

“Trust me,” said Animal. He had that mean look.

We stopped at a lake in Pilerne. The rains had just started, but the water was quite muddy. And murky. The colour and texture you want to stay clear off. Even the buffaloes would have second thoughts about stepping into it.

“If you want a picture it has to look realistic. Get into the water.” Said Neil.

Our friend did not quite like this. “You sure?” I said to Neil. ”That water looks very unhealthy”. Neil grins. Snakeman got into the water. He really wanted the picture. He posed with the python.

“ Wait “, said Neil. “ Take of your clothes.”

“What! “

“You think anyone will believe this. It has to look realistic.”

Snakeman walks to the middle of the dirty lake in his underwear. ”Come on, click.” He begged.

“No, “ I said , after focusing my zoom lens from afar.

“What!” “There’s something wrong.” I said. “You look too neat. Look rough. Dip you head into the water.”
Snakeman sighed. Dipped his head into the lake.

“More, dammit. Look mean.” growled Neil.

Click, click. I snapped a couple of shots.

Finally we let him off. When he got into the vehicle, he was stinking real bad. We couldnt stop laughing.

The girl was not impressed at all.

But in the end, I must admit-- the picture did not turn out bad at all.

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