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We proudly introduce you to the Southern Birdwing wildlife experience, where we hope to provide
A peek into sincere & committed eco-tourist ventures
india birding trips birdwatching goa An update on wildlife conservation activities in Goa.
birding trips india goa tour operators A forum for 'Natural History' field research, be it ornithology, herpetology, entomology or related environmental studies.

rescue and rehabilitation services, replanting mangroves

We hope you find it worthwhile to get more closely involved and we look forward to your participation in more of our activities. You are welcome to air your views, contribute travel anecdotes etc. If you send us photographs to accompany them, we may be able to put them on our site.
Our recent Wild Goa trips have been well received and we are working on some new packages and day-trips to suit all you wildlife enthusiasts near and far. More news on those.........soon


Neil Alvares & Harvey D'Souza
Southern Birdwing.

marsh mugger
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